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December 30, 2008
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Sonic Unleashed Review
Xbox 360 Version (Also known as "The non shitty version")
Made by: Sega, Sonic Team and Dimps
Genre: Action/Adventure/Platformer
Rated: PG

Whenever a new Sonic the Hedgehog game appears. We have to go through the same petty bullshit all over again.

The Miserable, never satisfied fucktards that make up 97% of the Sonic Fandom engage in a pointless confrontation, which usualy involves yelling "GRIFFITH!!!" at each other. Complaning the game is not 2D, not including Archie comics characters or continue their feebal and deluded attempts, of changing the voice cast of the games because "They don't like it!!!!"..... and probably draw some porn on the side.

All it took from Sega was one screen shot (refering to the Poster of Sonic and WereSonic) to make the fanboys cry fowl ,leaving the rest of us "Mature" gamers to stand around and laugh!

Sonic Unleashed is the latest offering from Sega. In what seems to be a way of either meeting everyone half way. Or telling everyone to shut the fuck up!

The game feels more like a traditional title by allowing players to run around in a side scrolling perspective, while mainting recent titles by using a 3D theme and style.
What makes the game different from previous titles is Sonic is able to become a Werehog at the sight of a full moon. This of course, has made the fanboys bitch and whine till their blue in the face regarding this.

And to them I say. At least we never have to compare Sonic Unleashed to this.

(You know what I mean)

The game begins at the end of a storyline involving Dr.Robotnik laughing inside of a huge fleet of Star Destroyers. Why he's up there to begin with is never really explained. So for the sake of this humourous review, lets say he's up there because Simon Cowell thought his X Factor audition was pants. Naturally Sonic arrives and engages the bloated tyrant in battle. Leading to Sonic becoming Super Sonic. This is the 1st time Super Sonic has been seen at the BEGINING of a game since Sonic 3.

Robotnik lures The Yellow Hedgehog into a very falic looking base. Captures him and uses the emeralds to shoop da whoop the entire planet. Causing a Final Fantasy inspired demon called Dark Gaia to be awakened. Being caught in the blast causes Sonic to change back and morph into what is being dubbed a "Werehog"

Now lets get one thing clear here. I think the Werehog and it's levels are really enjoyable and well planned out.

Because hey, if you can accept talking animals, Hedgehogs can run at the speed of sound, Foxes can fly, Emeralds can make islands float and every female side character is after someones cock. You should be able to accept a Werehog. Because thats NORMAL compared to the other shit Sega's tried in the past.... and believe me I've got a list.

After being "excused" by Robotnik. Sonic sets off on a quest to restore the planet. At various Gaia temples to restore the power of the Chaos Emeralds.... like you do.

Sonic meets up with a nameless little dog creature, who lost his memories due to Sonic falling on him. He names the sidekick "Chip" after how much he loves Chocolate Chip Icecream. The story at this point abandons the previous serious approach and adopts a more "Comedic" story. Resulting in Sonic, Robotnik and Chip acting like it's a remake of AOSTH. The storyline in itself features interactions with Tails, Amy and Proffesor Pickle....Yes Proffesor Pickle. Lets not pay it anymore attention.

The friendship between Sonic and Chip has been well written. It's like two brothers are on a world tour. The problem in the past is Sega have tried to do story angles like this with characters like Tails, Princess Elise and Sharaa. But they felt really wooden and boring. Chip's rather humours personality brightens up some of the cutscenes that drag on too long. If you don't really care whats going on. Just look at Chip for a cheap laugh.

Sonic's Gameplay
The Xbox 360's version of this game uses a new system called "The Hedgehog Engine". The day stages reminds me of what was so great about Sonic the Hedgehog. Running at break neck speed. The game handles the transistions from 2D styled gameplay to 3D without a flaw. Using a system tried in both Sonic Rush and Sonic and the secret rings. Sonic can use a boast dash which blasts him across the screen at about 300mph. The music and the inviroment shifts to showcase the emphasis in speed. It's really breathtaking to look at. But one area that really kills the action are these new quick time events. Yes because every game now needs to have these....and Havok physics. The game slows down. 3 or so buttons appear on the screen and you have to frantically press them to continue the stage to avoid falling to your doom. Or being told "You fail". All of Sonic's current abilities can be used such as Grinding and sliding. While new ones like the Quick step are very useful.

It's a real shame that Spin Dashing has been binned. The boss fights, once you know what your doing are a joke. All you really need to do is dodge stuff they throw at you then Boast dash them straight to hell. But it's not really much of a complaint considering watching them bounce around the screen is quite funny.

Weresonic's Gameplay
Before I played the game. I've seen many reviewers slam this feature. After playing the game, I can't see what they're bitching about. As somone who enjoyed games like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star Online and Viewtiful Joe. Going into a large area, and beating the shit out of a group of enemies before advancing is alot of fun! The main area of complaint is apparently the Werehog is too slow. I disagree. For stages designed like this, running at full pelt could be suicidal. You have large collection of combos to use on enemies. You can slam them, bash them, grab them etc etc. Akin to Lionhead Studios's Fable. You can collect alot of experience points to level up your Hedgehogs. It's more designed for the Werehog. For there are many areas to upgrade this "Hulkhog". Once the Unleashed meter is filled. You can unleash (I guess thats why it's Sonic Unleashed now) more powerful attacks. The game at times reminds me of a more open version of Crash Bandicoot, down to the style of the boss battes. Which all require more strategy than "Run at them" The Quick time events are used more conscructively here. As they act like all quick time events do. Show up at the wrong momment and give you 3 seconds to press a button. Before you get your arse kicked.

Where the game really suffers, like many platformers before it, is the now dated "Super Mario 64" template. What I mean by that is you have a large world to explore, levels are located around it and then access them via a large collection of tokens. In this case, it's either Sun or Moon Medals. This can bring the action to a hault for you have to constantly be looking for medals to unlock a new stage. It's old, it's generic and I hope devolpers can stop it with these "64 clones" in the not too distant future... And yes I got sick of it in Mario Galaxy as well. But that complaint aside. The worlds have various human characters to interact with. In the past they don't usualy have alot of personality. But Unleashed has several characters in a Soap Opera like story. That it becomes amusing hearing what they're up to next. You can purchase souveniers and food, that only inflate the worlds usefulness by about 2%. I does show various different cultures around the world. But sadly in todays "Teabag, I pwn u n00b" Gaming audience. No one is really going to give a shit.

One of the interesting things about Unleashed. Is the level of Fanservice Sega have inputed. Things such as one of the Dark Gaia monsters resembling Buzz Bombers from Sonic 1. The return of the Classic Eggomatic. The final stage resembling Sonic 1's Scrap Brain zone and the fact CHILLI DOGS are seen and proclaimed to be "Sonic's fav food!" is a brilliant nod to the three American cartoons.

Final Verdict
Sonic Unleashed does have it's fair share of problems. It's too short, could have had a few more levels to it's name and the "Mario 64" cloning needs to stop. But, compare this to EVERY other 3D Sonic title ever released. This is a sign of a return to form and Sega's finnaly brought him back.

The way we all remember him!
same result
SuperHikari Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
I loved Viewtiful Joe I have the first, the second, and Double Trouble I dont really want red hot rumble.
TsanXtreme2k8 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
I agree and I get the game next week too... so result!
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